Lecture 1: Psycho & Pain
(Dr. Sandra Foltin) – 8.11.21

Lecture 2: Segmental Diagnostics & Chronic Pain
(Dr.Dr.Andreas Zonmann) – 9.11.21

Lecture 3: Pain reduction through physiotherapy. Measures
Andrea Schmidt – 10.11.21)

Lecture 4: Pain reduction through
enrichment & play therapy
(Christina Sondermann) – 10.11.2021

Lecture 5: Pain and nutrition – an important field!
(Nadine Fischer – 12.11.21)



8.11. – 12.11 2021
daily 18.00 – 20.00


per lecture: 25€
Webinar total: 100 €

to the person of Dr. Sandra Foltin

Studied biology at the University of Duisburg-Essen; Psychology at Towson University (USA) and Law at the Baltimore School of Law (USA); DoctorateUniversity of Duisburg-Essen with a focus on the behavioural biology of dogs.

She started the animal-assisted intervention with her animal welfare dogs at the Delta Society (now pet partners) in 1991 and has continued this work in Germany ever since. It offers further training itself www.tta-nrw.de the proceeds of which go entirely to animal and nature conservation. Sandra Foltin is involved in several practical projects in animal welfare and ethics projects and founded her own non-profit association for nature and animal welfare in 2009. She is also a scientific advisor to the Quality Network School Assistance Dogs e. V. and a board member of ESAAT (European Society of Animal Assisted Therapy)