European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy

ESAAT – European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy, founded in Vienna in 2004, is the oldest and most important European umbrella organisation for all associations that work on animals.
In the course of its existence, practically all currently valid guidelines and specifications for the training and use of therapeutic animals were created, thus ensuring the highest standards.


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Board of Directors of ESAAT

Members of ESAAT

Training Guidelines

ESAAT has created training guidelines that participating organizations and individuals must adhere to if their training is to be accredited.

Organisation ESAAT

ESAAT is an accrediting association for the research and promotion of the therapeutic, educational and salutogenetic effects of the human-animal relationship

Animal welfare requirement

An indispensable prerequisite for animal-assisted work is that the keeping of the animals used and the handling of them comply with the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Pets, as well as at least the Animal Welfare Act of the respective country.

Accreditation Guidelines

ESAAT has developed and created clear guidelines and standards to ensure animal-assisted work of high quality and to ensure the corresponding quality in the long term.

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Non-profit companies; Non-partisan; Independent; Successful; Open; Practice-oriented with scientific back-up; consistent quality implementation; clearly defined standards; concrete objectives in the promotion of animal-assisted interventions; Qualified lecturers and reviewers; Supported by a top scientific advisory board; Focus on Europe

Concerns and objectives of ESAAT

The aim and objective of ESAAT is to promote and promote the European development of animal-assisted interventions, with the main aim of coordinating the scope, standards and quality of the training and further education offered and making them comparable.

General conditions

Animal and animal welfare are at the heart of the defined standards; the fulfilment of all animal welfare standards as a clear credo of defined and accredited training and teaching content. Lecturers and teachers come from practice and science and represent the current state of development in the multi-disciplinary field of animal-assisted intervention.

Current accreditations

  • Accreditation of basic training in animal-assisted intervention (therapy – accompaniment – team)

  • Accreditation of specialist development in animal-assisted intervention

The accreditation offers of ESAAT are currently only open to members and are limited in time. Accreditations therefore require periodic evaluation and extension in order to guarantee the defined quality standards in the long term.

ESAAT – current areas of work

Many of our ideas regarding the successful work of ESAAT in Europe are still not or not fully fulfilled. We therefore think that now is the right time to face the challenges and strengthen the attractiveness of ESAAT. We invite all our members to participate in this framework project and to submit appropriate proposals.

Recognition by the European Union

The European recognition of equal standards in animal-assisted work, based on the proposals, principles and standards of ESAAT

Our path to e-learning and online training

The further development of the existing accreditation guidelines in the direction of e-learning and online training, taking into account the existing examination guidelines

new organisation ESAAT

ESAAT is in the process of repositioning itself to meet the challenges of the future

Greater involvement of members

We want to invite the existing members to participate in the future structure of ESAAT

Framework Curriculum Basic Training

Development of a dedicated curriculum based on the model of specialist training

Registration for the ESAAT Newsletter

ESAAT was founded to limit the wild growth in the context of animal-assisted work and to offer interested clubs a platform to act uniformly in this highly exciting and interesting area. We now want to take this idea to Europe.

Helga Widder (ESAAT Board)