Webinar – Introduction to the digital work of the human-dog team

Lecturer: Sandra Foltin
Date: to be announced


  • Lecture from the lecture series ” Lukas and the Language ofCourage – Introduction to the digital work of the human-dog team.

    Part 1: Children with special needs in primary schools

    How can we use videos and other media to create additional added value for clients as well as our dog?

    Location: The WEBINAR will take place via ZOOM. You will receive the access link by email before the start of the webinar.

    Use of a therapy companion dog in remedial lessons in lockdown 2020/2021 with all its challenges:

    Objectives of the mission were: ·

  • Implementation of digital ideas of the human-dog team as part of remedial lessons
  • Furthermore, the following questions are answered:
    • How can small tasks be easily implemented in the school sector?
    • How can I integrate the team partner dog so that it is not only stress-free for everyone, but also fun?
    • What should be considered during implementation?
    • What technical requirements do I need?
    • What do I have to pay attention to when creating the videos?