ESAAT Members

Responsibility – taken seriously


ESAAT has aligned its standards, guidelines and specifications in such a way that the requirements of animal welfare are adhered to in the strictest way.

The person, group or institution working in the human-animal network can only be certified and accredited by ESAAT if the responsibility for the animal’s animal welfare-compliant accommodation and care is fully given.

The person who works on animal support is responsible for the comprehensive welfare of the animal during the animal-assisted use.

it shall determine the frequency, duration and intensity of use in such a way that the welfare of the animal is not adversely affected; in particular, it is obliged to interrupt the operation at the first signs of distress.

The training guidelines of ESAAT take into account the topic of animal welfare and responsible behavior during and outside the activity to a special extent.

Protection of animals

An indispensable prerequisite for animal-assisted work is that the keeping of the animals used and the handling of them comply with the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Pets, as well as at least the Animal Welfare Act of the respective country.

Any organization that offers training in animal-assisted therapy, pedagogy or support measures within the framework of ESAAT undertakes to recognize the ESAAT guidelines with regard to responsibility and animal welfare and to implement them accordingly.