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Association for research and promotion of the therapeutic effect of the human-animal relationship


The association’s mission is scientific research and practical implementation in the fields of animal-assisted therapy and its establishment as a recognized form of therapy and the human-animal relationship.

Disorders of physical, psychological or social well-being are reduced or eliminated with the involvement of animals. Our association uses a wide variety of animals for this work, from small animals to dogs, cats and larger animals.
The association “Animals as Therapy” was founded to research and promote the therapeutic effect of animals and, of course, to apply animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted support measures.

The association “Animals as Therapy” organises animal visitation programmes in old people’s homes, geriatric wards, psychiatric institutions, special schools for mentally and physically handicapped children, schools for children with behavioural problems and in kindergartens, drug therapy wards, etc.



The use of animal-assisted therapy or animal-assisted support means a great responsibility for those who engage in this important activity. Therefore, TAT cooperates with renowned human and veterinary physicians as well as experts from all relevant fields.

Our Therapy animals are specially selected for the therapy Animals. they are trained, tested and continuously monitored by us. Of course, when they are used, the necessary Hygiene is of the utmost importance.


Our club offers:

  • well-founded, serious training in practice and theory according to the latest findings
  • Support and placement of the trained TAT teams
  • individual adjustment to patients and situations
  • annual follow-up control of the TAT animals, in order to be able to detect changes in their character in time.
  • annual health check of the animals
  • twice-yearly faecal examinations of the animals
  • additional insurance of the teams via the club
  • Benefits for the TAT teams such as feed allocation, vaccinations
  • Possibility offurther training at workshops, seminars, further training passport etc.
  • scientific evaluation and monitoring of the teams possible
  • international contacts and networking

Tasks and objectives

Dame mit Hunden_Frau mit Edesch

The main task of the association “Animals as Therapy” is the use of the animal-assisted therapy, as well as animal-assisted support measures, their promotion and research. Through the use of animal-assisted therapy or animal-assisted support measures, numerous improvements can be achieved in the patients in a wide variety of areas, and better integration of people with special needs and/or elderly people is made possible.

The goals of the association are primarily:

  • to strive for a greater degree of awareness and even greater acceptance of animal-assisted therapy or animal-assisted support measures
  • to support research in the field of animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted support measures
  • to provide a well-founded training of the therapy companion animal teams
  • to promote further training in the field of animal-assisted work
  • exchange of experience in the field of animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted support measures at variousevents enable international contacts to be established and maintained

Herr mit Hund kleinIf you are interested in working in our association or if you would like to support the association as a supporting member, you are welcome to contact us. Mitglied at the “Animals as Therapy” association.
Or simply support us with a donation to our
BAWAG bank account: IBAN: AT761400000110211651, BIC: BAWAATWW .

We look forward to their assistance!

Trainings (TAT + TAT Waz)


  • At TAT you are Interns welcome. If you would like to do an internship at TAT please register at the office.

Contact details

TAT Centre for Human-Animal Encounter

Silenegasse 2 / Staircase 3
1220 Vienna
Phone: +43-(0)1-8906 407

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 13:00 each day

If you would like to visit us in person, please make an appointment with the relevant colleague or the management beforehand.


Mrs. Helga Widder